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Cork isn't often the first flooring choice homeowners consider, but it offers plenty of reasons to seriously consider it. With a variety of unique, natural looks to choose from and several benefits over other flooring options, cork has seen an resurgence in popularity in recent years. Cork provides an unparalleled combination of features that make it an ideal flooring choice, including:

  • warmth / insulation

  • comfort 

  • durability 

  • all natural 

  • mold/mildew resistant

  • allergen resistant

  • acoustic insulator

  • easy to install / repair

  • insect repellant

  • fire resistant

Cork is also one of the most environmentally-friendly flooring options available. The harvesting process leaves a very low-carbon footprint, and no trees are ever cut down as cork is sourced from the bark of the tree, which regrows every nine years. The flooring manufacturing process typically uses a combination of fresh cork and cork waste from other industries, making it a truly recycled product. 

Higgins custom orders all of our cork flooring - let us know what you need and we should be able to get it here within just a few weeks! 

To learn more about cork flooring visit our Resources page. 

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