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Prefinished wood flooring is rapidly increasing in popularity - with substantially faster installation time, less mess, and often a lower price tag, it's easy to see why more and more homeowners are choosing prefinished. Prefinished floors come straight from the mill fully finished (including stains and textures) so all you need to do is install them, and you're done! No waiting to walk or place furniture on the floors, no polyurethane odors, and less time not being able to use the space. For remodels where you are living in the home, prefinished is often the preferred choice.


Prefinished floors also enable you to pick from a wide range of stain colors, wire brushed or hand scraped textures, even different finishes such as the natural European Oil. All of these can be done on-site of course, but it is often substantially less expensive to use prefinished floors as the labor to create those looks is much easier to achieve in a factory. 

Higgins stocks plenty of standard prefinished wood flooring, along with a variety of wider widths and harder to find species. We can have almost anything we don't stock delivered within just a few weeks, so you can get the flooring you need and keep your projects on schedule. 

To learn more about prefinished flooring visit our Resources page. 

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