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Unfinished wood (also known as "site-finished") remains the preferred choice for the majority of new construction projects, and remodels where weaving in or matching existing flooring is needed. Unfinished flooring is installed rough, then sanded down, stained (if desired), and finished on site. This allows greater flexibility with new construction work, as the raw flooring can be laid down and then finished at a later date, allowing the remaining work to be completed without worry of damaging the floors. It also means that existing flooring can be refinished at the same time as new wood is installed, so that the color and finish match. With unlimited possibilities and the option to pick every component of your floor, site-finished flooring provides great versatility and style.

Higgins stocks plenty of standard unfinished wood flooring, along with a variety of wider widths and harder to find species. We can have almost anything we don't stock delivered within just a few weeks, so you can get the flooring you need and keep your projects on schedule. 

To learn more about site-finished flooring visit our Resources page. 

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